Here's a bit of obsessive list-making. A list of all the shows I saw between late '78 and '86. When I get the time, I will link to photos for those shows I photographed, which was a tiny fraction of them.

10-Nov-78 Austin Municipal Auditorium Van Halen, Black Sabbath
8-Dec-78 Armadillo World Headquarters Lotions, Talking Heads
10-Feb-79 Special Events Center (Super Drum) Boston
25-Feb-79 Austin Municipal Auditorium Rush
21-Apr-79 Armadillo World Headquarters Kenny & the Kasuals, Boomtown Rats
26-Apr-79 Armadillo World Headquarters Head East, Jan Hammer Group
31-May-79 Tarrant County Convention Center (Ft. Worth) Yes
1-Jun-79 Special Events Center (Super Drum) Yes
11-Jun-79 Zilker Hillside Theater Alvin Crow & his Pleasant Valley Boys
21-Jun-79 Austin Municipal Auditorium New England, AC/DC, Journey
24-Jun-79 Manor Downs Fools, Sweet, Cheap Trick
10-Jul-79 Raul's Battle of the Bands: Boy Problems, Invisibles, Explosives, The Next
13-Jul-79 Manor Downs The Kinks
16-Jul-79 Austin Municipal Auditorium Van Halen
31-Jul-79 Raul's The Invisibles, Terminal Mind
2-Aug-79 Armadillo World Headquarters Devo
20-Aug-79 Abel Moses' The Explosives
25-Aug-79 Raul's Re*Cords, Terminal Mind
15-Aug-79 Armadillo World Headquarters B-52's, Talking Heads
25-Aug-79 Zebra Records Stiff Records Party
27-Sep-79 Super Drum Bad Company
4-Oct-79 Armadillo World Headquarters Skunks, Joe Ely, The Clash
26-Oct-79 Raul's Standing Waves
31-Oct-79 Austin Municipal Auditorium Skunks, Fashion, Police
13-Nov-79 Armadillo World Headquarters Skunks, Ramones
27-Nov-79 Raul's Big Boys, The Inserts
1-Dec-79 DJ's (Dallas) ?
15-Dec-79 The Vault Big Boys, Electros, Reign, Terminal Mind
22-Dec-79 Continental Club Skunks
27-Dec-79 Raul's The Next
29-Dec-79 Continental Club Terminal Mind
7-Jan-80 Raul's Electros, Big Boys, The Next
25-Jan-80 Inner Sanctum The Huns record release party
4-Feb-80 Austin City Coliseum Toto
7-Feb-80 Austin Municipal Auditorium Rush - "We were bored stiff. Rock and Roll is dead."
8-Feb-80 Armadillo World Headquarters Big Boys, Uranium Savages
14-Feb-80 Raul's The Inserts, Big Boys
15-Feb-80 Armadillo World Headquarters XTC
22-Feb-80 Continental Club Fad, Explosives
27-Feb-80 Continental Club The Ideals, Terminal Mind
29-Feb-80 Raul's Delinquents, Mistakes, S.K.P.s, The Next
14-Mar-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn The Inserts, Terminal Mind
15-Mar-80 Continental Club The Blame, The Explosives
19-Mar-80 Inner Sanctum Standing Waves record release (played in parking lot)
22-Mar-80 Armadillo World Headquarters The (American) Beat, The Jam
29-Mar-80 Armadillo World Headquarters Iggy Pop
3-Apr-80 Inner Sanctum Ramones autograph party
  Armadillo World Headquarters The Ramones
5-Apr-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn The Reactors, Really Red, The Inserts
9-Apr-80 Armadillo World Headquarters The Pretenders
11-Apr-80 party The Reactors
18-Apr-80 23rd Street "New Wave Street Dance" Big Boys, The Next, Standing Wave, F-Systems
19-Apr-80 Raul's Big Boys, Standing Waves
26-Apr-80 TV - American Bandstand The Jam
  Inner Sanctum Squeeze autograph party
1-May-80 ? Radio Planets, Cats and Dogs
2-May-80 Too Bitter Selector (through back window)
  Duke's Royal Coach Inn Terminal Mind
3-May-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn The Inserts
9-May-80 Too Bitter F-Systems, 999
15-May-80 Raul's Teenage Queers, The Huns
16-May-80 Raul's The Skip 7 Band
17-May-80 TV - American Bandstand Public Image Ltd.
23-May-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn Big Boys
24-May-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn The Huns
26-May-80 Raul's The Desires
30-May-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn The Inserts
4-Jun-80 ? (Raul's?) D-Day, Skunks
5-Jun-80 Inner Sanctum Big Boys record release party
7-Jun-80 Continental Club The Inserts
13-Jun-80 Raul's The Huns
15-Jun-80 Delinquents' house "lots of bands" (?)
3-Jul-80 Super Drum The Who
6-Jul-80 Raul's The Rejects, Sharon Tate's Baby, The Inserts, Big Boys
24-Jul-80 Raul's Delta
25-Jul-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn Nervebreakers, Derelicts
26-Jul-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn Eight Eyed Spy w/Lydia Lunch
31-Jul-80 Raul's Big Boys, Inserts, Court Reporters, STB, Delinquents, The Dicks, Big Boys again
2-Aug-80 Raul's The Offenders
8-Aug-80 Zebra Records Devo autograph party
  Armadillo World Headquarters Devo
10-Aug-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn The Cramps
15-Aug-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn Civilian Sect
  Raul's STB
20-Aug-80 Raul's Big Boys w/horn section
26-Aug-80 Duke's Royal Coach Inn Commandos, STB
  Raul's Reactors
29-Aug-80   off to Austin College in Sherman, TX
8-Sep-80   "I'm working on an underground magazine for the modern world called IDLE TIME."
13-Sep-80 Duke's Big Boys
19-Sep-80 Hot Klub (Dallas) NCM, Mo-Dettes
1-Oct-80 Hot Klub (Dallas) The Ralphs, Ultravox
19-Oct-80 Raul's Psychedelic Furs
20-Oct-80 Raul's Psychedelic Furs
23-Oct-80   Idle Time #1 published (photocopied at Ginny's; spraypainted stencil cardstock cover)
  Duke's Ideals, The Inserts
29-Oct-80 Hot Klub (Dallas) Stranglers
28-Nov-80 Duke's Inserts
29-Nov-80 Club Foot Judys
12-Dec-80 Club Foot Big Boys, X
13-Dec-80 Inner Sanctum Big Boys/Dicks record release party
13-Dec-80 Raul's Big Boys, Dicks, Inserts
18-Dec-80 Raul's Aces 88, Inserts, Reactors
19-Dec-80 Raul's Sensuous Plastique, Electric Tools, STB
27-Dec-80 Club Foot Raybeats, The Units
31-Dec-80 Raul's Big Boys, The Next
3-Jan-82 Raul's The Next, Skunks
8-Jan-81 Club Foot Plasmatics
9-Jan-81 Raul's Perverted Popes, Delinquents, NCM
10-Jan-81 Raul's Inserts, Next
24-Jan-81 Metamorphosis (Dallas) Frenetics, Chef Physique
27-Jan-81 Hot Klub (Dallas) Doo, Tom Robinson Band, Section 27
21-Jan-81 Hot Klub (Dallas) SubHumans, Nervebreakers
7-Feb-81 Zero's (Fort Worth) Ralphs
13-Feb-81 Duke's Inserts, Reactors, Dicks, Stains
28-Feb-81 Zero's (Fort Worth) Inserts, Aces 88
4-Mar-81 AC Pub (Sherman, TX) Telefones
13-Mar-81 Raul's Droogs, Stiff Kittens, Court Reporters, Inserts, Kamikaze Refrigerators
19-Mar-81 Raul's Droogs, Offenders, Inserts (Inserts' last show)
25-Apr-81 AC Pub (Sherman, TX) Telefones
2-May-81 VVV Teardrop Explodes autograph party
  Hot Klub (Dallas) Teardrop Explodes
9-May-81 23rd Street fair Big Boys, F-Systems
10-May-81 23rd Street fair Offenders, God on Drugs, STB
23-May-81 Duke's Whoom Elements, Vestals, Toxic God on Drugs, Dicks
29-May-81 Zero's Big Boys
30-May-81 Zero's Big Boys
4-Jun-81 Club Foot Jitters
4-Jun-81 Duke's Rank & File, Big Boys
6-Jun-81 Duke's Reactors
10-Jun-81 Duke's Next, Rank & File, The Bangs, The Jitters
13-Jun-81 Vault Big Boys, Jitters, Stains, Dicks, Big Boys (again)
25-Jun-81 Club Foot Romeo Void, The Fall
11-Jul-81 Duke's Jitters, Big Boys
17-Jul-81 Duke's Big Boys
24-Jul-81 Continental Club Jitters
  Duke's Sluts
25-Jul-81 Duke's Butthole Surfers, Sluts, Big Boys - Butthole Surfers' 1st Austin show
31-Jul-81 Duke's Sluts, Red Rockers, Stains
1-Aug-81 Joe's Pizza (outside) Jitters, Offenders, Droogs, Ideals, Rank & File
8-Aug-81 Inner Sanctum Psychedelic Furs autograph party
  Club Foot Psychedelic Furs
12-Aug-81 Club Foot Jitters
15-Aug-81 Idle party @ Zapalac Ranch Sluts
16-Aug-81 Dicks' house Stains, Dicks
21-Aug-81 Continental Club Jitters
22-Aug-81 Bucky's Stains, Dicks
26-Aug-81 Vault Big Boys, Dicks, Stains, The Lewd
29-Aug-81 Texas Union Big Boys
4-Sep-81 Inwood Theater, Dallas Decline of Western Civilization, NCM
7-Oct-81 Hot Klub (Dallas) Echo & the Bunnymen
8-Oct-81 Club Foot Butthole Surfers, Jerry's Kids, Toxic Shock (debut), Big Boys
16-Oct-81 Hot Klub (Dallas) Assassins
18-Oct-81 Hot Klub (Dallas) Siouxsie & the Banshees
20-Nov-81 Hot Klub (Dallas) Big Boys, TSOL
27-Nov-81 Island Dicks, Stains, Saccharine Trust, Black Flag
12-Dec-81 Studio 29 Big Boys, Jitters
16-Dec-81 Club Foot Big Boys, The Lift, Reasons Why, Jerryskids, Whoom Elements
19-Dec-81 Studio 29 Stickmen with Rayguns, Butthole Surfers
30-Dec-81 Emmajoe's Rank & File (acoustic set)
6-Jan-82 Club Foot The Make, Rank & File
16-Jan-82 ALA Club Texas Love In - Big Boys, Butthole Surfers, Dicks, Really Red, Recipients, Toxic Shock, etc
22-Jan-82 Studio 29 Toxic Shock, Droogs, Dicks
23-Jan-82 Studio 29 Dicks, Max & the Make Ups, Big Boys, Jitters
28-Jan-82 Club Foot Pagans, Kamikaze Refrigerators, Offenders, Deprogrammer, Big Boys
19-Mar-82 California Hotel The Pool
16-Apr-82 Hot Klub (Dallas) The Specimens, Big Boys
17-Apr-82 Pouch Club (AC campus) (Sherman, TX) Big Boys
22-May-82 Ritz Buffalo Gals, Sunday Worship Service, Toxic Shock, Jerryskids, The Dicks
28-May-82 Ritz Kamikaze Refrigerators, Jitters
4-Jun-82 Ritz Offenders, Big Boys, Butthole Surfers
8-Jun-82 Austin Coliseum Clash
9-Jun-82 Austin Coliseum Clash
16-Jul-82 Ritz Infected, Dicks, Big Boys, Minor Threat
24-Jul-82 Studio 29 Ba Syndicate, Talmadge d'Amour
30-Jul-82 Ritz Dicks (benefit to pay bail for Buxf's public intoxication charge)
  Club Foot Killing Joke
2-Aug-82 Ritz Toe-Jammers, Fuck Ups, National Guard, Kamikaze Refrigerators, Big Boys
7-Aug-82 Ritz Offenders, Stains, Dicks, Dead Kennedys
10-Aug-82 Club Foot Chinanine, Life on Earth
11-Aug-82 Club Foot Twistyse, talmadge d'amour
13-Aug-82 Island (Houston) Degenerates, Culturcide, Mydolls, Really Red
20-Aug-82 Ritz Marching Plague, Nigheist, Dicks, Black Flag
9-Sep-82 Bronco Bowl (Dallas) Talking Heads
19-Sep-82 Hot Klub (Dallas) Method Actors (GA), Gang of Four
23-Oct-82 Pouch Club (AC campus) (Sherman, TX) Big Boys
1-Dec-82 Club Foot English Beat
10-Dec-82 Austin Coliseum Electric Guitars, Peter Gabriel
11-Dec-82 Soap Creek Saloon Kamikaze Refrigerators, Marching Plague, Big Boys
27-Dec-82 folks potato printed Idle Time 6 with Dan
28-Dec-82 Fitzgerald's (Houston) Big Boys, Really Red
26-Feb-83 Benny's (Denton) Raft
27-Feb-83 Benny's (Denton) Disbanned
5-Mar-83 Benny's (Denton) Tex & the Saddle Tramps
2-Apr-83 The Depot (Denton) Underground
4-Apr-83 Benny's (Denton) Devices (Dallas)
9-Apr-83 Benny's (Denton) Disbanned
14-Apr-83 Benny's (Denton) Logimoto
19-Apr-83 Benny's (Denton) performance art, Steve Marsh (Terminal Mind)
21-Apr-83 Benny's (Denton) Midnite Lunch
22-Apr-83 Benny's (Denton) El B.J.
23-Apr-83 Benny's (Denton) El B.J.
24-Apr-83 Benny's (Denton) Underground
29-Apr-83 Benny's (Denton) Violent Femmes
30-Apr-83   Idle Time 7
30-Apr-83 Benny's (Denton) Male Model
7-May-83 Hot Klub (Dallas) Vanguard, Eager Beaver Boys
12-May-83 Benny's (Denton) Underground
15-May-83 Austin Opry House Chinanine, Bow Wow Wow
16-May-83 party on 22nd Street The Offenders, Sluts, Not For Sale
17-May-83 Soap Creek Saloon 3 O'Clock
20-May-83 Club Foot fx
  Ritz Meat Joy, Stick Figures, Kamikaze Refrigerators
21-May-83 Club Foot Jah Wobble
2-Jun-83 Club Foot Dream Syndicate
3-Jun-83 Liberty Lunch (Liberty Hall) (Dallas) Raft, Killer Bees
4-Jun-83 Soap Creek Saloon Scratch Acid, Twistyze
11-Jun-83 The Meadows The Alarm, U2
12-Jun-83 The Meadows Raft, Aribana (sp?), Pressure
17-Jun-83 Record Exchange JFA autograph party
  Ritz Crotch Rot, Big Boys, JFA, Circle Jerks
19-Jun-83 Night Life (Club Foot) New Order
24-Jun-83 Record Exchange Big Boys - record release party
24-Jun-83 Soap Creek Saloon Scratch Acid, Big Boys, Butthole Surfers
25-Jun-83 Record Exchange Dicks record release party
  Zonkers (next door to Record Exchange) Dicks
2-Jul-83 Hurlbut Ranch, near Dripping Springs Woodshock: Pressure Boys (NC), Jitters, Offenders, Bang Gang, Channel 3 (LA), Crotch Rot
4-Jul-83 Night Life (Club Foot) Scratch Acid, Dicks, Channel 3, Big Boys
10-Jul-83 Night Life (Club Foot) Love Pretzels, Butthole Surfers, Dicks, Articles of Faith (Chicago)
14-Jul-83 Night Life (Club Foot) The Effect, El B.J.
22-Jul-83 Night Life (Club Foot) UB40
29-Jul-83 Benny's (Denton) Frenetics
31-Jul-83 Night Life (Club Foot) DRI, Scream (DC), Big Boys
4-Aug-83 Night Life (Club Foot) Big Boys, Trouble Funk
8-Aug-83   Idle Time 8
13-Aug-83 Night Life (Club Foot) Big Boys
17-Aug-83 tunnels Robin, Kim, Daniel, and I
21-Aug-83 Night Life (Club Foot) Suicidal Tendencies, MDC, Offenders, Social Unrest
22-Aug-83   Idle Time 9 potato printing
7-Sep-83 Rock Bottom Lounge (NT Campus, Denton) Underground
8-Sep-83 Rock Bottom Lounge (NT Campus, Denton) Raft
9-Sep-83 Rock Bottom Lounge (NT Campus, Denton) Howling Dervishes
13-Sep-83 Benny's (Denton) Point of Departure
14-Sep-83 Rock Bottom Lounge (NT Campus, Denton) Bomb Squad
6-Oct-83 Benny's (Denton) Point of Departure
31-Oct-83 The Depot (Denton) Frenetics
19-Nov-83 Nick's (Dallas) Gang of Four
20-Nov-83 Tango (Dallas) Johnathan Richman & The Modern Lovers, Shockabilly
21-Nov-83 Benny's (Denton) Shockabilly
2-Dec-83 Benny's (Denton) Howling Dervishes
13-Dec-83 Benny's (Denton) T42
15-Dec-83 Benny's (Denton) Brave Combo
16-Dec-83 Nick's (Dallas) The Devices, X
18-Dec-83 Record Exchange Offenders - Record Release party
23-Dec-83 Ritz Discharge
31-Dec-83 Night Life (Club Foot) Blitzhacker, Marching Plague, Big Boys, Jeffersons
1-Jan-84 Villa Fontana (San Antonio) Mystery Dates, Marching Plague, Scratch Acid, Meat Joy, Stickmen with Rayguns, Bang Gang
15-Jan-84 Twilite Room (Liberty Hall) (Dallas) Party Owls, Marching Plague, Really Red
19-Jan-84 Rock Bottom Lounge (NT Campus, Denton) Brave Combo
28-Jan-84 The Connection (Denton) Howling Dervishes
24-Feb-84 The Connection (Denton) Weder Noch (Frenetics)
21-Mar-84 Continental Club Zeitgeist, Optimystics
23-Mar-84 The Beach Doctor's Mob
29-Mar-84 Rock Bottom Lounge (NT Campus, Denton) Cease Fire International Reggae Band (Raft)
30-Mar-84   Idle Time 11
  Twilite Room (Liberty Hall) (Dallas) Nigheist, Meat Puppets, Black Flag
12-May-84 Continental Club Butthole Surfers, Shockabilly
13-May-84 Uncle Sue Sue's Poison 13, Pwah!, Happy Death
17-May-84 Liberty Lunch Ninety-Nine and the One
18-May-84 Voltaire's Happiness Crew, Feast of Fools, Happy Death
19-May-84 Voltaire's Glass Eye, Meat Joy, Butthole Surfers
24-May-84 The Beach Zeitgeist
27-May-84 Liberty Lunch Pwah!, Happy Death, Big Boys
14-Jun-84 Rafters (Denton) Howling Dervishes
25-Jun-84 Twilite Room (Liberty Hall) (Dallas) Corrosion of Conformity, Marginal Man, JFA
1-Jul-84 Hurlbut Ranch, near Dripping Springs Woodshock: Texas Instruments, Lung Overcoat, Skank
19-Jul-84 Twilite Room (Liberty Hall) (Dallas) Howling Dervishes
31-Dec-84 Twilite Room (Liberty Hall) (Dallas) Butthole Surfers
11-Apr-85 Twilite Room (Liberty Hall) Minutemen
23-Aug-85 Theatre Gallery (Dallas) Peyote Cowboys, Flaming Lips
27-Oct-85 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) Peyote Cowboys, Stick Men With Ray Guns, Butthole Surfers
1-Nov-85 Theatre Gallery (Dallas) Peyote Cowboys, Mel Coolies, Flaming Lips
2-Nov-85 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) Peyote Cowboys, Marching Plague
23-Nov-85 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) 2X4, Mel Coolies, Die Kreuzen
29-Nov-85 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) 2 X 4, Morally Bankrupt, Raw Power (Italy)
30-Nov-85 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) Model 12, Agit Pop
6-Dec-85 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) Poison 13, Dead Kennedys
7-Dec-85 Theatre Gallery (Dallas) Self is on the Throne, Happy Dagger, Glass Eye
13-Dec-85 Theatre Gallery (Dallas) Lithium Christmas, Mel Coolies, Peyote Cowboys
31-Dec-85 Theatre Gallery (Dallas) Dharma Bums
9-Jan-86 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) Underground
10-Jan-86 Theatre Gallery (Dallas) Bad Mutha Goose & the Brothers Grimm, Glass Eye
11-Jan-86 Theatre Gallery (Dallas) Self is on the Throne, Flaming Lips
25-Jan-86 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) Peyote Cowboys, X-Men, Hickoids
16-Feb-86 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) Painted Willie, Black Flag
28-Feb-86 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) Asexuals (Canada), Camper Von Beethoven
1-Mar-86 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) X-Men, Marching Plague
9-Mar-86 Circle A Ranch (Twilite Room) (Dallas) Lithium Christmas, Stick Men With Ray Guns, Butthole Surfers
25-Mar-86 Theatre Gallery (Dallas) David Thomas & Wooden Birds
4-Apr-86 Theatre Gallery (Dallas) Scratch Acid
13-Apr-86 Downtown Houston Culturcide, Sonic Youth
15-May-86 Ob Scene Club (Circle A Ranch) (Dallas) Peyote Cowboys, Meat Puppets
22-May-86 Electric Ballroom (London) Marc Riley & the Creepers, That Petrol Emotion
23-May-86 University of London Live Skull, Lydia Lunch, Sonic Youth
24-May-86 Thames Polytechnic (London) Easter & the Totem, The Wait, Alternative TV (London)
25-May-86 Hammersmith Odeon (London) Laurie Anderson
27-May-86 Brixton Academy (London) Public Image Ltd.
28-May-86 Zap Club, Brighton, UK The Unbelievables, The Crucifixion of Sean Penn, Live Skull
1-Jun-86 Town & Country, Kentish Town (London) Flying Mussolinis, Erasure, Frank Tovey (Fad Gadget)
4-Jun-86 Le Club Rex, Paris Sonic Youth
26-Jul-86 Camp Ben McCullough (Driftwood, TX) Woodshock: Nice Strong Arm, Poison 13, Butthole Surfers, Scratch Acid, The Offenders (etc)

Idle Time
Updated 26 June 2001