Party Owls, from Houston, playing at Liberty Hall, Dallas, early 1984.
This was the centerfold of Idle Time #10, 3/84

"....that's me playing bass!!! that was our big encore where bassist and future porn star gq jim wiley sang a heartfelt rendition of kc and the sunshine bunch's get down tonight and i played the bass like it was a guitar...we were opening for really red and maybe the big boys....we left on a sunday afternoon and i had to be at work at 7:30 monday morning... oh to be young and reckless again.... i'd love to have a copy of that fanzine...i never knew i was centerfold material......the "lost" party owls lp is in the works right's gonna come out on lance rock/estatic peace (thurston moore's label)..." - Andy [now in Lord High Fixers and Sugar Shack - ed. note]

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