idle time

punk rock (new wave) photo archive and junk museum from the days of Raul's, Duke's Royal Coach Inn, Club Foot, Studio 29, Soap Creek Saloon, and Voltaire's d'Basement (early '80's), Austin, Texas.

Smile, hippy!

Way back in 1980, I started a little xerox 'zine called Idle Time that focused on the Austin punk scene. Way more folks have seen this website than ever saw Idle Time, the fanzine (well, actually, that happened within a month of this going online). Here is some of the Idle Time archive, spanning 1979-1986. won
The Austin Chronicle's
"Best Place to Discover
the Historic Punk Scene in Austin, Texas"

  • Big Boys - The incomparable Big Boys at The Ritz, Club Foot, Höt Klüb, and elsewhere.
  • The Dicks - "Drunk Rock" at Duke's, The Love In, Soap Creek Saloon, and elsewhere.
  • Butthole Surfers - a bunch of photos from way back when @ The Texas Love-In, The Ritz, Soap Creek Saloon, and Voltaire's.
  • The Offenders - tearin' it up at Club Foot and out in the country at Woodshock

  • The Reactors - special feature of Michelle Levinas photos
  • Bang Gang - pre-Hickoids at Villa Fontana in San Antonio and Woodshock

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Updated 21 July 2005