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The answer is probably no.

I am writing a FAQ to minimize the huge flow of email I get about this page, which is not really a work-in-progress anymore.

I did these designs several years ago, and I still think they look pretty good. I am often tempted to take the whole page down because I get a lot of insulting emails from really moronic types and so many requests for things like baseballs and American flags and stuff that make me wonder if the person sending the email even saw the designs I have up!

I haven't taken the site down because, like I said, they still look cool to me, and because I get a hell of a lot of people that actually like the designs. I am not a tattoo professional.... some of these designs probably wouldn't work at all as a tattoo.... oh, well. But I hope you like the designs.

If you get one of my designs done, I'd love to see a pic.

Q: Tiffany: Do you have any designs in the shape of a sun and moon all in one? I am looking for any celestial design that you may have

A. No.

Q. I really like your designs. I am planning on getting a tattoo in the near future and I would like to get an alligator. I know thats probably not your style since all of your designs were abstract, but I was wondering if you had ever drawn one that you could post on the page.

A. No. No alligators.

Q. I am trying to find a cool band for my boyfriend's arm..... I know, sounds easy, right? Well, here is what he wants.....He was born on the 4th of July so he wants a blue and red waving design (kind of like ~~) and somewhere an eagle. Any ideas??????

A. NO!

Q. I am looking for a tattoo design of the "crown of thorns" that Jesus wore. I am looking for a tribal type band to go around my ankle of the "Crown of Thorns" Do you know where I can get a design?

A. No.

Q. Here is a challenge I'm giving people. My son name is Aric (not Eric). It is viking and means ruler. What designedcom to your mind. What is going around your head?

A. Nothing.

Q. Anonymous: I looked at your designs, Don't quit your day job!

A. That's not a question!

Q. I'm trying to get a tattoo, but I can't find a picture of what I'm looking for. I want this tattoo on my lower back, but I don't want it to be very big. I'm looking for an angel, not a naked one, with wings and a haylo and I want the angel surrounded by stars. I would like the whole thing to be very colorful. Instead of a white angel and white stars, put other colors into it. Maybe and angel with a smile looking innocent and sweet. Not a baby though. Maybe a night sky, but not a solid night sky, maybe kind of like edges, like your snow flake like pictures. I don't know how to explain it exactly. It could be sort of a heart shape or just something to surround the angel, a sort of glow, but with lots of color. Not lots of white and yellow. Maybe if the yellow will look really good? Please, if you could help me I would be very greatful. I want a tatto that is really going to meant something to me and if I could find something like this, it would. Please, if you can, I hope you reply back to me.

A. uh....

Q. I gotta tell you. If thats the best you got, you suck. I would'nt let you tattoo my dog.

A. I bet your dog is trembling with relief.

Q. hey, i want to know if u have any designs of Dragons... one in particular i am looking for, is a Dargon in a tear drop, or to Dragons, 1 black, and one black fighting in a crystal ball!

A. Nope.

Q. What I am loking for is a 3 inch by 5 inch pic of a baby dragon curled up inside of a a tear, or water drop like it is it's egg. I was wondering if you, or someone you know would be willing to do this for me.

A. Wait a minute... that sounds familiar...

Q. email?



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