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The Boyfriends and The Pop Group - Loaded 3, 1977

The Boyfriends and The Pop Group - Loaded 3

I don't know how many references I've seen to The Pop Group being John Waddington's first band. Ha! Lead singer of The Boyfriends before joining The Pop Group. Don't know if they ever left the garage, though...

Funny that the Pop Group article mentions a possible second guitarist right next to the Boyfriends piece.

Tim, editor of Loaded, says, "Loaded was the only fanzine in town at that time and the scene was relatively small so any new band would invite me along to see them rehearse - which is what the Boyfriends did. Though with The Pop Group it was different - they were very prominent personalities in the Bristol punk crowd and were friends of mine so being around at an early rehearsal would have been a more natural thing.

...(in) The Boyfriends pic which I took with a very cheap camera at that rehearsal (which I think was at John's parents house), John is on the right and Neil on the left."

Thanks to Dave Dursley for the scan.


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