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"The way out is through the door... how come nobody uses it?"



THE POP GROUP:  A truly great band (in my humble opinion). Frantically screaming along the periphery of consciousness in a land of dissonance, rage, and FUNK!

I've searched the 'net and found so very little on The Pop Group that I decided to try and fill the void. A little.


The Pop Group - Where There's a Will...




Band members:

Dan Catsis (Katsis) - bass (after 1st album)
Gareth Sager - guitar & sax
Bruce Smith - drums
Mark Stewart - whispers, screams
Simon Underwood - bass (1st album)
John Waddington - guitar

The Pop Group...

General News, Questions, Announcements.... (19Apr99)

Discography (and sound clips) (updated 14May99)

Press clippings - (updated 16Dec98)

A cool picture from Slash magazine and a great story from a visitor to this site.

Short QuickTime movie of Pop Group (1.8 mb)

Posters from the albums... (updated 16Nov98)

"Family Tree" - a brief history lesson

Lyrics (2Feb99)


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