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A note from Jade Hubertz re: extended Pop Group discog:
Just wanted to say "great site!" - one of the greatest bands of all time
(up there with The Stooges, Can, Halo Of Flies, Outsiders, Albert
Ayler's "Greenwich Village" group...  I could go on).  Anyways, here's
some anal-retentive discography additions for you, some I own, some have
unfortunately passed through my hands, but I guarantee they all existed
at one time or another:
For How Much Longer CD (Rough Trade TDCN-5153/JAPAN)  briefly released
in 1994, straight reissue of LP

For How Much Longer LP (Rough Trade RTL-1/JAPAN)  Don't own this version
so no details.  This and the 7"s below were released in Japan in 1981
(the 7"s were both released at the same time)

We Are Time CD (Rough Trade TDCN-5154/JAPAN)  briefly released in 1994,
straight reissue of LP

We Are Time LP (Rough Trade RTL-17/JAPAN)  non-diecut sleeve (labels are
printed on cover), inludes a lyric sheet (yeah!) plus a sheet of Rough
Trade artist postcards.  Released in 1982

We Are All Prostitutes 7" (Rough Trade RT-2/JAPAN)  don't own this

Where There's A Will 7" (Rough Trade RT-5/JAPAN)  don't own this

V/A - Requiem By Rough Trade CD (Rough Trade/Japan Record/Tokuma
35JC-104/JAPAN)  excellent label comp released in 1984.  Includes
"Justice".  Also includes a Raincoats track ("Dreaming In The Past")
that didn't appear on the Geffen reissues and I can't find anywhere else
- great folk/psych track!

V/A - Clear Cut Finale CD (don't know label/catalog info but it was a
Japanese CD, the title above may not be 100% correct - I saw it in a
store back in the late 80's but didn't purchase)  Another Japanese Rough
Trade label comp, this one focusing on slightly later stuff but included
"We Are All Prostitutes"

Y LP (Radarscope/Warner-Pioneer P-10705F/JAPAN) both of my copies only
include 2 inserts (a lyric sheet in English and a lyric/liner notes
sheet in Japanese) so I doubt that a poster was ever printed for the
Japanese market.  Red obi has advertisements on back for 2 Elvis
Costello LP's, Nick Lowe's "Jesus Of Cool", and a Bram Tchaikovsky LP. 
Released in 1979

She Is Beyond Good And Evil/3:38 45rpm 12" (Radarscope ADA 29(T)/UK) 
same tracks and lengths as 7", but much improved sound, obviously.

I don't know if some people new to the band realize it or not, but their
stuff was NEVER easy to find (I was looking for the stuff as far back as
'86).  Great LP's by the Fall, Birthday Party etc. virtually littered
the bins in comparison.  Anyways, keep up the good fight and I hope
these additions are assets to the cause.  Talk to you later!

All the best,
Jade Hubertz

P.S.,  I own a CD reissue mail-order business.  Both of the Radar/UK
CD's are always in stock.  Unfortunately, they're not cheap ($26.75
each) - a fate common to all full-price (i.e., non-budget-line) CD's
from over there.


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