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I've acquired a few bootlegs of The Pop Group. It goes without saying that I am very interested in acquiring more!! Please contact me if you have other recordings.

What I have are 2 tracks from the Peel Sessions, We Are Time and Words Disobey Me. (Kiss The Book on We Are Time is from the same session.) Thanks to James Ellis for these and also (a couple of years later) the missing track from the Radar sessions featured on We Are Time (produced by Hugh Cornwell of Stranglers?), a funky version of Don't Sell Your Dreams!!

I've also got the Helsinki tracks, thanks to Nick Halliwell. These are the same tracks released as the bootleg, Mona Mona.

And Nigel Hardy (and Alex Koppert, too) provided me with an entire concert of The Pop Group at the Granary in Bristol, 2Oct78. The quality is fairly poor (sounds like someone recorded it from the back of the hall on a handheld recorder), so I think only the fanatically obsessed will want the tracks. But there is a track never released, called:

Judge of Crime

and the HIT:

She is Beyond Good and Evil.

Here are the 2 Peel tracks:



Here are the Mona Mona tracks, from Helsinki:




And here's a track from the same show that isn't on Mona Mona. Thanks very much to Alex Koppert for this mp3:

Work Work Work (Entertain your life away)

A funky track from Köln, 2May1980 (thanks, Phil!):

There Are No Spectators

And another two from Alex, this time from Milan, 1980:

Forces of Oppression

Thief of Fire - only part of song before someone breaks a guitar string.

From Alexandra Palace, 1980, a Glaxo Babies cover:

Shake The Foundations (with Ari of The Slits)

Bootleg artwork for Granary tape,
Camden Market, London

Bootleg artwork for Helsinki/Köln tape, Camden Mkt.

Thanks, Paul Atton, for the scans.

Different gig. "Shake" is 15 July 80, if my sources are correct.



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