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    "The way out is through the door... how come nobody uses it?"



THE POP GROUP:  A truly great band. Frantically screaming along the periphery of consciousness in a land of dissonance, rage, and FUNK!


The Pop Group - Where There's a Will...


Band members:

Dan Catsis (Katsis) - bass (after 1st album)
Gareth Sager - guitar & sax
Bruce Smith - drums
Mark Stewart - whispers, screams
Simon Underwood - bass (1st album)
John Waddington - guitar

The Pop Group...

I started this site in May of 1997, because I couldn't find any info on the Pop Group anywhere on the internet. This is partially because you couldn't find "Pop Group" on any search engine; you'd only get references to The Style Council, Spice Girls, and everything but THE Pop Group... but also because there STILL isn't much out there (as you probably know).

The funny thing is that I was not (and still am not) any sort of authority on The Pop Group. I just thought there SHOULD be a site dedicated to this incredible (and incredibly short-lived) band. I can't remember how or when I first heard about The Pop Group, but I remember seeing Y in the local (that would be Austin, Texas) shopping mall in 1980 and being intrigued. I think I bought it second-hand at Record Exchange (one of the local punk record stores) for $4.99 shortly after that. So, I'd always liked their music but never really knew who was making the music. But... The Pop Group's music has an intense mystery that is not reduced one jot by any critic, by anything written about the band, by this site.

This site started as a one page deal listing everything I knew about them (which was pretty much limited to an incomplete discography) along with a scanned pic or two. But then folks started finding the site and helping build up the info.

The first really big jump was when Dave Dursley [who had a site dedicated to the wonderful girl-group Dolly Mixture, but seems to have disappeared from cyberspace along with his site] scanned every Pop Group article he had on file and sent them my way. He also sent a wonderful email about seeing The Pop Group's "first ever gig". Other folks, like Nigel Hardy, who has a site on Pigbag, helped me fill out the discography and track down singles that were missing from my collection. The infamous Tom Smith, rabid Pop Group fan and noise-god, helped out with a lot of scans, also. A lot of people have helped me build this site, which is still growing.

And there is a wealth of info in the guestbook, so check it out... and sign it!



Last modified: 3 Jan 03
Dixon Coulbourn