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Japanese CD

There's the Japanese release of For How Much Longer and We Are Time on one CD. Expensive and rare.

A couple of people have told me of a promo of Where There's A Will and In The Beginning as two one-sided DJ-only 7" singles. Pretty rare, I'd guess. Got this scan of the cover off ebay.


3.38 (the flip of the single "She is Beyond Good and Evil") was re-released on a Volume cd compilation, 1996 (16VCD16).

3.38 is also on a compilation called "Jazz Satellites," with folks as diverse as Sun Ra and John Cage.

"We Are Time" is featured on a "postpunk" compilation, called "Scared To Dance," on Rhino Records.

There is also a 5-CD box set of Punk Rock that features the Pop Group, called "1-2-3-4: Punk and New Wave 1976-1979," on Universal. The reference number is MCD 60066, and the Pop Group are track 10 on disk five, with "We Are All Prostitutes."

And... Dave Green writes, "I just noticed in a book of mine that a Pop Group song featured on the compilation 'Sharp' (wea/stemra WEA 58080). Apparently it was a Dutch album, I don't have anymore details..." Anyone know anything else about this? What song, etc?
Update, 20Jan03: Stephan writes with the answer: "The Pop Group song is She is beyond good and evil. The title of the album is Sharp. 16 sharp new rock acts, and contains also tracks by Dave Edmunds, Dictators, Elvis Costello, Richard Hell, Ramones, Undertones, Nick Lowe, Cars, Yachts, Bram Tchaikovsky, Spiderz, Angelic upstarts, Rezilos, Pretenders, Television."

Mark Lungo found another: On the Radar compilation "The Farside of Radar--April 1996"-(1996 Radar RADAR 1) "She Is Beyond Good and Evil" AND "We Are Time."

Mona Mona - a bootleg of 3 Pop Group songs, live in Helsinki in 1980, and several Mark Stewart tracks. On a label called Slave to Love. Difficult to find! Also available under other names.

Takuji let me know about a Rough Trade Japan cassette-only promo called, strangely enough, Cockney Sound Just Now, that includes The Pop Group's "Where There's a Will...."

No Thanks! box set features She is beyond....

I Like It on Compost, 2003, features We Are All Prostitutes

Additional compilations and Japanese releases...

Clue me in if you know of other stuff. I NEED IT!

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