Buy the music! You can order Big Boys, Dicks, MDC, The Offenders, and Scratch Acid from othermusic, cdconnection, cduniverse and cdnow. Also, has Live at Raul's, with excellent tracks by The Next and Terminal Mind. Of course, the Butthole Surfers are available from your local grocery store nowadays, but you'll have to dig for the cool early stuff.

Big Boys fansite

And a Biscuit website!

Tim Kerr's new site - now with mp3s!

Check out Dave Lang's great interview with Tim Kerr at Perfect Sound Forever, (with pics from the Idle Time archives).

Charter Bulldogs Chris Gates' new band - turn up your computer speakers (or down, if you're surfing at work!)

Steve Marsh (Terminal Mind, Civilian Sect, Life on Earth, Happy Dagger, Miracle Room, etc.): Miracle Room and radarcave

Chris Wing has put together a CD of Sharon Tate's Baby at the Punk Prom and Jerryskids outtakes. E-mail him and get a copy!

Geoff Cordner has put some old Austin punk photos on his site. Check it out.

Taco City Rockers = San Antonio punk compilation LP

Paintings by Scott Stevens, formerly of Butthole Surfers and Peyote Cowboys

Check out the great pics and whatnot at the Stick Men With Ray Guns site.

Discography of Texas Punk 1977-1983 at collectorscum. - home of Existential Vacuum records and lots of info on rare punk records

Lester Bangs and Delinquents, with links to mp3s, by Andy Fuertsch

Texas PunkJunk... Dallas/Ft.Worth etc...

A not very pretty eulogy for Bobby Soxx, at the Dallas Observer.

Bill Daniel's Texas Punk Pioneers

Raul's, Club Foot, Duke's, etc, a new Yahoo group moderated by Margaret Moser and Little Dayna

Ken Hoge's photos of the scene, The Sex Pistols at Randy's Rodeo, The Huns, etc.

Art by Gary Floyd (singer of The Dicks)

Austin Punk/New Wave Family Tree

Going Underground features a lot of my photos, including the cover shot of Biscuit. Check it out.

Tribute to Taco Land and owner, Ram. RIP.

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